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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركتة

Handsome like his daughter. Problem?

17 June 2012.

I have been growing  up in a very strict way compared to other normal teenagers. It is a normal thing if you've seen a group of teenagers going out and have some fun together...

but NOT ME.

My dad never let me do those things including go to any friend's house unless it's for school project. When I start to argue something and yeah this was his favourite verse...

"You're lucky I even let you use the internet when you want!" 

So, when I was officially end my school in 2011, I was extremely excited when I ride on a bus nor train, go out with my friends, shopping,  movies, got driving license until I don't know what left to do.

Daddy's litlle girl. aww Problem?

My dad is a critical thinker with a loving touch. He kept me inside, hidden away from this polluted world. At first I take it personally and I'm quite rebellious as I tried to seek freedom. 

What is freedom actually?? When I go back to basic, and thats it. I am slave of Allah, and I am a Umma of Rasullulah s.a.w.

Before we were born, we are the lover of Allah s.w.t. We agree to be sent down to the earth to be testify with so many circumstances. Every events happend in our lives have its own reasons. Just be thankful and work for your aims! Because Allah is the master of all plannings. The all-knowing, most gracious, and the only ONE!
Le brother. 
Bilik Ais.
Inside the Bilik Ais.
Kenit rampas orang punya.
Err pandai kenit berlakon.
Behind the scene :")
 To my beloved Papa,
Thank you for the warmth and love that you have showered me! You are the most important guy in my life. You are both friend and mentor, the guide of my life. Thank you for being such a wonderful father. May Allah blessed you Papa, InsyaAllah. 
Happy Father's Day, En. Ahmad Tarmizi bin Hj Salleh :")

Your awesome little girl,kakak :")